Admission to the Cancer Centre

Admission to the Cancer Centre


Tonight was to be Leah’s first time attending a big family get together since her bone marrow transplant – she’s day 179 post transplant.
The Dr told us a few weeks ago that her lymphocytes were on the rise & were out of the “danger zone”.
Leah was a bit short of breath when climbing the stairs yesterday but her temperature was normal & she was otherwise well so we decided to wait and mention it at today’s scheduled appointment.
A chest X-ray and subsequent CT scan today revealed a serious chest infection so Leah is now an inpatient in the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital.
The results of her viral screen will be back tomorrow and that will provide a definite diagnosis but the doctor thinks that this is an opportunistic infection i.e. an infection caused by a bacteria or a virus that is not harmful to a healthy person but harms a person whose body’s natural defense against infection is damaged.
If this is the case then Leah hasn’t ‘caught’ this bug from anyone – it is yet another post transplant complication but anyway we should know more tomorrow.

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