Diagnosis of PCP

Diagnosis of PCP

Written in the Cancer Centre.
Leah’s chest infection has been confirmed as PCP – a type of pneumonia that only occurs in people who are immunocompromised.
 She’s on continuos oxygen and is on intravenous antibiotics and is back on steroids and is being regularly reviewed by her own Dr and by the ICU Dr in case she needs more intensive support.
If her condition stabilises our Dr hopes to be able to transfer Leah to Altnagelvin, our local hospital, early in the week.
This hospital we are in is approximately 70 miles from home.
Tuesday is Leah’s 16th birthday and the 1st anniversary of when this journey started – it was on her 15th birthday that Leah visited her GP and had a blood test taken which resulted in her being referred to a haematologist.
This led to 3 months of investigations & eventually we received a phone call in April telling us that Leah had paediatric myelodysplasia with monosomy 7 & needed a bone marrow transplant!
Prayer would be much appreciated for Leah’s speedy recovery please.


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