Never Once Have We Ever Walked Alone

Never Once Have We Ever Walked Alone

Our night was punctuated by dropping oxygen levels, Drs visits, nebulisers & retching.

Leah’s going on a ventilator around 12 or 1pm today and the biggest risk to her life will be during the process of installing the ventilator equipment in her body.

Once it’s up and running everything should be ok.

When Leah was 3 years old she came home from Good News Club and said that she had asked Jesus to forgive her sins & live in her heart as Lord & Saviour.
Since then Leah has sought to love and serve God with all her heart.
In April ’13 when Leah was diagnosed she said two things “God has a plan for my life” & “Mummy, we have to see the bigger picture”.
After the Dr had called me out of the room last Saturday to give me his “your daughter might not survive talk” Leah typed on her iPad “What did the Dr say” I answered her truthfully & in simple terms. She nodded her head & shed a single tear but showed no fear then or since.
Leah knows the truth of the Bible verse “To live is Christ, to die is gain.”
Of course Leah wants to live and I want – more than words can express – for my child to live, but it’s also hard to see your child suffer so very much.
I know that 100s maybe 1000s are praying for her healing and this is what I want, but I have to trust her in the hands of the one she loves & Who died on the cross for her & for us all.
“Never once have we ever walked alone”

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