The medical expertise and nursing care here is excellent

The medical expertise and nursing care here is excellent

I just want to clear up some misunderstandings that may arise from some of my previous posts; the fact that none of the samples from Leah’s lungs have ever grown any bugs is not actually good news – a lung infection in a post transplant patient is potentially easier to treat than inflammation.
Inflammation of the lungs is called PNEUMONITIS and I’m told that in Leah’s case it’s likely to be an immune reaction similar to the graft vs host disease that she had in September only way more serious. This type of immune reaction in the lungs is not to be welcomed.
Also, although I complain about the personalities of the doctors, I have no issue whatsoever with their medical expertise. I am very confident that they have my daughter’s best interests at heart and they are very vigilant about checking on her medical condition many times a day.
Even consultants not on duty in ICU that day will pop in just to see how she is doing & there are many in depth discussions amongst the medical team about her treatment plan.
Again, although I bemoan the lack of facilities for parents (or for any visitors in ICU) this is no reflection on the staff. The nurses are all extremely kind and caring and are very good at what they do & they show concern for my well-being as well as for Leah’s.
Nurses & some doctors have made various adjustments in order to make our lives here more bearable, within the confines of hospital policies and procedures.
Any negativity I have expressed about Belfast City Hospital is mainly as a result of Leah & I having spent 14 weeks receiving care at Bristol Children’s Hospital which is totally geared towards meeting the needs of families.
The move from a top class Children’s Hospital with a purpose built adolescent unit, to a very old hospital that is not used to accommodating the needs of young people and their parents has been a huge shock to my system.
However the medical expertise & nursing care here is excellent and I certainly wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression in that respect.


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