Good news at last :)

Good news at last :)

I think these Docs are getting used to me because the ones who were so uptight the first time they spoke to me have been much more relaxed the second time round.

The first time round they were probably afraid I was going to go hysterical or something like that but since Leah was diagnosed I have a personal policy of not crying in front of doctors – weird I know – and I’ve managed to stick to it fairly well so far!

As I see it, my conversations with doctors are for the purposes of giving and receiving information and I prefer to respond emotionally to that information in private.

Anyway, today’s Doc says that there is a very small improvement in Leah’s chest X-ray – Hallelujah!

This is the first time I’ve been told this since she was admitted on Friday 27th December.

He’s turned her oxygen down a little bit.

Her kidney & liver function have also improved slightly.

Leah is still a critically ill patient and the Doc doesn’t want me getting too excited or looking too far into the future.

The best he can say is that she’s currently going forwards instead of backwards!!!

That sounds like very good news to me  


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