Hiya Honey

Hiya Honey

Leah appears much the same today as yesterday and the numbers on the various monitors appear unchanged.
Dr Uncommunicative is on duty so I’m not holding my breath waiting for an update.
The ICU generally has about 8 patients between ICU and HDU (High Dependency Unit) so it’s a relatively small nursing team.
The ICU patients are nursed one to one.
We are here two weeks now so we’ve got to know many of the nurses well and they are just lovely.
Two of the younger nurses have had cancer treatment themselves in recent years & one of them showed Leah photos of herself with her chemo hair loss which Leah really appreciated.
She’s a very cheery friendly girl & Leah always seems to respond to her no matter how sedated she is.
Yesterday when this girl came in the room & greeted Leah with “Hiya Honey” in her strong Belfast accent, Leah lifted her arms & joined her fingers to make a heart shape in reply.
This was no mean feat as Leah was very sedated and her limbs are heavy with retained fluid from prolonged immobility and the reduction in her kidney function.
It is lovely that despite everything relationships develop & communication continues.


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