God, Why?

God, Why?

Love these lines –

“When life doesn’t make sense and you are tempted to give up and call it quits remember that you don’t need to know the answers to your “why”, you don’t need closure or understanding, you don’t need to know everything.

You just need to trust the One that does.”


They began from the moment that we find the words to say them.

About why the sky is blue, how you can grow tall, and what makes the world go round.

Questions about the world we see with our eyes, the people around us, and the life that we live.

And for the most part we get the answers to our “why’s”.

Sometimes from parents, sometimes from teachers, sometimes from books, sometimes from google, and sometimes from friends.

But the older we get the more we understand that there are some questions in life you will never get an answer to.

Your parents and teachers won’t help you figure it out, google won’t find it for you, and God will remain silent.

Questions about why prayers don’t get answered.

Why bad things happen.

Why plans fall apart.

Questions about finding justice in a cruel world.

Questions about the reason…

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2 thoughts on “God, Why?

  1. Awh, bless you, grief can be all encompassing – I find it’s like an onion – there always seems to be another layer underneath – be kind to yourself 🙂


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