Beautiful inside and out

Beautiful inside and out


This girl had such a beautiful heart – the reference to her and I needing emotional healing is because we were both heartbroken over all the ill children and young people we had met in Bristol but especially over the ones who had died. We found “survivors guilt” quite challenging.

She prays for physical healing for herself elsewhere.

This is an excerpt from Leah’s prayer diary, written on the 15th December 2013. Every child or young person that she had met or known about in Bristol is prayed for by name in her prayer diary. She thanked God for the privilege of having met these people. The families of the three children/young people who were in the transplant unit around the same time as Leah and who subsequently died are also prayed for.

Each day in Bristol Leah and I used to read and pray together and she liked me to pray for each patient by name. Sometimes I would forget and leave someone out. At the end of our prayer time Leah would then look at me reproachfully and say “You forgot……” So I would then have to say another wee prayer!

Those were precious times and are precious memories!



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