She was always so focused

She was always so focused


Today by date and yesterday by day was Leah’s first appointment at the Regional Fertility Clinic in Belfast to see about getting her eggs harvested to preserve her fertility. This first appointment and the subsequent ones were very traumatic for both of us. However, the possibility of being able to have a baby in the future was so important to Leah and she wasn’t prepared to sacrifice her fertility no matter how difficult the process.
After this first appointment, I took her to Pizza Hut in Victoria Square as I knew that she would consider this a big treat.




As we walked past the shops in Victoria Square I could feel waves of emotion crashing over me but for Leah’s sake I had to stuff my feelings down and keep them hidden. While waiting for food to be served our consultant haematologist phoned and I left the restaurant to take the call as it was very noisy.




He asked me something that I needed to check with Leah regarding the answer but I was so distressed and confused that I went back into a different restaurant to look for her and wondered where she had gone! Then I realised my mistake.
We had travelled to and from Belfast by bus, partly because I hate long distance driving and partly because I was so distraught by all that was happening that I didn’t feel capable of concentrating on driving in City traffic.




Leah had her biology GCSE modular exam the next day and was revising for this. On the bus home that evening Leah got me to ask her questions from her revision notes to help her.
She got an A* in this exam – she was always so focused!

2 thoughts on “She was always so focused

  1. Such an amazing young girl. God bless you and your whole family, Vicky, and thanks so much for sharing. Such a blessing. Xxx


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