Guest Blog ~ The Ultimate Trial

Guest Blog ~ The Ultimate Trial

In this powerful piece of writing Christyn Taylor asks:

“Could I love my Savior even if my child dies?”

I too know what that question feels like.

Christyn Taylor

This time last year, we were in Minnesota pleading with the pancreatic transplant team to accept our child who desperately needed a miracle.

After anxiously awaiting an answer, the team came back with a resounding and unanimous “no.”

Rebecca’s body was too sick, too weak, and too compromised to live through such an intense procedure.

The revelation of this decision became my ultimate trial.  Not the trial of whether or not I would lose my beloved child, but the trial of whether I trusted and loved this God of mine – regardless of my situation.

In the book, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, Sara Hagerty wrote, during her struggle to conceive, a simple yet profound statement: “The Lord whispered inside my spirit as I saw it:  If you never have a family, will you still love Me?

So I presented that question from God to myself, “If…

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