What Song Are You Grateful For?

What Song Are You Grateful For?


Occasionally I use Journaling prompts that I have downloaded and stuck into a notebook that I keep for this purpose. Today when I opened my notebook to do some journaling the prompt for today was “What song are you grateful for?


However, instead of thinking of just one song I thought of many songs. Praise and worship music was a vital part of Leah’s illness journey for both her and I. Many times when we were lost for words, we listened to praise and worship music and we found that peace that passes all understanding.

I remember the first time that Leah developed neutropenic sepsis  and I had to rush her to our local hospital. I was really scared, I think Leah and her boyfriend were frightened too. None of us spoke during the twenty minute journey to the hospital but we were comforted as we listened to the words of the praise and worship songs that Leah played on the CD player in the car.

During Leah’s illness journey and in the aftermath of her death I often felt so broken that I was unable to concentrate to pray coherently or to read my Bible. Praise and worship music became my means of communicating with God. My soul was stilled in His presence as I listened to our favourite songs.

After Leah died I put together an extensive playlist that I listened to almost continuously. I kept headphones beside the bed so that I could listen to these songs during the night without disturbing my husband. I played them in the car whilst driving and on any other occasion when I was alone. Some of these songs were ones that Leah and I had both loved, others were songs that friends had suggested to me to after had Leah died, the words of which really ministered to me.

I’ve changed phones a couple of times since then and was having difficulty accessing my original 2014 playlist, so I have recently recreated it on YouTube. There have of course been lots more playlists created since then, but on certain occasions such as Leah’s anniversary I like to reconnect with those songs that meant so much to me during her illness and immediately afterwards, when I felt so broken. Maybe this playlist of songs will minister to the heart of somebody who reads this post:

9 thoughts on “What Song Are You Grateful For?

  1. God has ministered to me with the song, “It Is Well With My Soul.” I know without doubt that Brandon is with God. Thank you for sharing Leah’s and your songs. The first, “Oceans,” is my granddaughter’s favorite. God does speak to us through song. It is a peace like no other.

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  2. this is lovely – thank you so much – can I download it somehow? I would love to carry with me in car? I find music assoc to my daughter so difficult tog with my faith….maybe this will help xxx

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    1. I’m not the most tech savvy person so there may be a better person than me to ask. However I am currently listening to the playlist of another bereaved parent as a wee change from my own.

      Here’s how: First I logged in to my YouTube account. Then I navigated to their Playlist and clicked the ‘like’ button on the playlist that I wanted to save. Now when I open (and login) to YouTube I click on the three vertical bars in the top left hand corner and this opens a menu bar down the left hand side. I scroll down to the section entitled ‘Library’ and the other mum’s Playlist is listed there by the name that she gave it. I click on it to open it and then click ‘play’.
      This of course will only work away from the house if you have lots of data which thankfully I do have as I got a really good sim only deal from my mobile provider!
      I hope this helps and that these songs minister to your soul and to your broken heart. 💟


  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I will download your playlist. Oceans, for me, has been my song of the season. God gave me Matthew 14: 22-33 and then the next day this song was played at church. I made a poster of ‘Spirit lead me where my trust is without border’. It’s helped me a lot. I also like Cornerstone and the phrase is ‘My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness’ often speaks to me. However, with Abi, the song is Yellow by Coldplay. It was the first song she heard and epitomises everything about her – she was bright, sunny, golden-haired, she made our lives ‘yellow’. Thank you again for sharing this Vicky x

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    1. Hi Kelly, thank you for sharing your thoughts. One of my favourite sermons on Matthew 14:22-33 was one I heard preached at a Vineyard conference last year by Mike Pilavachi.
      “Oceans” is a very powerful song, I find it very moving.
      I listened to ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay this morning and I thought of your beautiful Abi. 💟
      Are you aware that yellow is also the colour of hope? We have a project in some of our local schools called Schools for Hope. My husband and I attended their conference locally last year and we learned a lot about supporting children and young people with their mental health:
      Vicky xx


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