Thanks for the Bone Marrow bro!

Thanks for the Bone Marrow bro!



On Monday night 22nd July ’13 Horace and Simon flew into Bristol. At 8am Tuesday morning they reported to Oncology Day Beds at Bristol Children’s Hospital with Miriam in tow.

Simon needed blood tests and to be seen and examined by various doctors including a very good looking anaesthetic registrar from Newport – he provided an alternative and less depressing topic of conversation for us mummies for a few minutes after he left the room!
Horace went up to stay with Leah in the transplant unit and I came down to stay with Simon.

Simon went to theatre in the afternoon to have his bone marrow harvested from his hip bone under general anaesthetic. Simon was very good natured about everything and he never complained at all.

When I had said goodbye to Simon in theatre the nurse asked if I was upset and I said no, because I couldn’t begin to explain that I was much too upset to risk giving way to any emotion whatsoever. I felt that I had to keep a tight rein on my emotions lest they become like runaway horses and leave me completely undone.

When Simon returned from theatre he was transferred to their lovely purpose built Adolescent Ward. He was very drowsy but managed a smile whenever anyone spoke to him. The staff informed me that they were very pleased with the quality and quantity of the bone marrow harvested – I was so happy and relieved. This would now be frozen until Leah was ready to receive it.

In the meantime Leah was lying ill in the transplant unit with septicaemia. Around tea time when I had satisfied myself that Simon would be ok, I returned to Leah just in time to witness her having another rigor caused by her high temperatures. I called a nurse who immediately administered pethidine.

Around 10pm Simon managed tea and toast. He was discharged back to “SAMs House” in a taxi along with Horace and Miriam around 11pm. I think Simon took paracetamol at some stage but he didn’t complain much.

On Wednesday evening Horace and Simon flew home and my niece arrived from London to look after Miriam. On Thursday Miriam went to stay with my brother and his family in Cambridge for a week and then travelled back to Ireland with them.

Today I discovered this song on my iPad playlist and it brought me comfort:


When I think I’m going under, part the waters, Lord
When I feel the waves around me, calm the sea
When I cry for help, oh, hear me
Lord and hold out Your hand
Touch my life
Still the raging storm in me