Cause for concern but nothing is impossible

Cause for concern but nothing is impossible

Leah’s not so well today & her oxygen has been turned up again.

This & some other test results are giving some cause for concern.

They are keeping her more sedated so she’s very sleepy & can only stay awake for a few minutes at a time.

However she’s in good form & likes listening to music on her iPad.

She put on a song called “Nothing is Impossible” by Planetshakers & grabbed my two hands & we danced.

For it’s You who give me strength,
Nothing is impossible
Through You,
Blind eyes are opened,
Strongholds are broken,
I am living by faith,
Nothing is impossible

Leah gives me lots of hugs & kisses & insisted on me finding hand cream so that she could try to give me a hand massage but she couldn’t stay awake.

If she catches me not smiling she will reach out with her fingers & pull up the corners of my mouth. When staff come in the room she smiles & waves & gives them thumbs up signs.