If God sends us over rocky paths, He will provide us with sturdy shoes

If God sends us over rocky paths, He will provide us with sturdy shoes


Just found this lovely photo of Leah sleeping with Duckie & Gromit in her bed on the Adolescent Ward in Bristol taken 30th August 2013.
Leah had her bone marrow transplant on 1st August ’13 & by the end of August we knew that it was successful & she appeared to be making a good recovery.
At this stage Leah hadn’t developed any of the side effects/complications from her transplant that were to ultimately blight her health.
We were both on a high, thinking that she had come through the worst and that things could only get better.
I have said so often this past year that I would not want to know the future, because God only gives you the grace to cope when you are in the situation – or – in the words of today’s reading in Streams in the Desert –
Each of us may be sure that if God sends us over rocky paths, He will provide us with sturdy shoes.
 He will never send us on any journey without equipping us well.
Does this man have kids?

Does this man have kids?

Just before 2pm they put Nic and me out of the room so that they could start the process of putting Leah on the ventilator.

The Doc wouldn’t let me stay with Leah until they administered the anesthetic that would put her to sleep because he said that he needed space to set up his equipment and I would be in his way – does this man have kids?

We left Leah awake and cuddling “Duckie” & “Bristol Gromit”. I thought my heart was going to break saying goodbye to her but I had to hide my emotions for Leah’s sake.

They said that they will call us back in about an hour. Nic, Leah & I have spent the last couple of hours listening to Leah’s favourite praise & worship music on YouTube; mostly Rend Collective Experiment & especially “My Lighthouse” – verse 2 goes

“In the silence, You won’t let go
In my questions, Your truth will hold
Your great love will lead me through
You are my peace in the troubled sea
You are my peace in the troubled sea.”

We also read from Rainbows for Rainy Days written by Catherine Campbell and Streams in the Desert.