Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

The Cemetery was busy this Mother’s Day morning – maybe I should stick to coming at night?

I stood there staring and staring at her grave, trying to take it in.

Trying to understand how we got from THERE to HERE?

The sun was shining and the coloured stones that fill the little flowerbed at the base of her headstone caught my eye.

Leah loved arts and crafts, she loved making things, especially card making and baking.

When she was in P7 at Ballykelly Primary School her teacher had a Treasure Chest of materials for crafting.

Being allowed to use items from this Treasure Chest was a BIG treat for Leah. She especially loved being allowed to pick from the teacher’s collection of gems.

I looked at the coloured stones glinting in the sunlight and I smiled through my tears – Leah would approve of those!