Kindness transcends physical environment

Kindness transcends physical environment

Doc says that there has been no further deterioration in Leah’s medical condition & some tests today show a slight improvement. Docs here have been in contact with her consultant in Bristol to get guidance from there also.

This is the third hospital where Leah has been treated as an inpatient this past year. Every hospital is so different & each one excels in different ways.

The ICU @ BCH is part of an old building and has no facilities for relatives, not even a toilet or shower. All the other patients are elderly & I am usually the only relative here outside designated visiting hours.

I think that initially the staff found my constant presence something of a surprise & I was repeatedly asked “Are you staying??” & my answer didn’t vary.

They have now got used to me being here although I haven’t got used to being regularly asked to leave the room so that the staff can “work” with Leah as in Bristol this never happened even once!

However the standard of nursing care is excellent & they have gone to great lengths to make things more comfortable for me during the night & have found somewhere within the hospital where I can have a shower in the morning – as I’ve said before “kindness transcends physical environment”.