No keeping this girl down!

No keeping this girl down!

Today Leah is medically more or less in the same place as yesterday.
The samples that were taken from her lungs on Thursday and were sent to the laboratory haven’t grown anything, so this confuses the PCP diagnosis a little bit and has led some of the docs to suspect that Leah may have pneumonitis, another complication of transplant.
It’s not one I fully understand but I think it could be a type of GVHD (graft vs host disease) or some other kind of auto immune condition triggered by the transplant process.
I have been told that the only way to prove/disprove the diagnosis would be to do a bronchoscopy and a lavage which at present they are reluctant to do, as Leah is so ill.
In the meantime they will continue treating her for everything that they can think of treating her for, including PCP, and wait to see what happens.
Leah is less sedated today, she’s sucking on a Polly Pineapple ice pop, but typed that she would prefer a coke float – no chance!
She also typed “what about maths exam 10th Jan” and I said “Leah you won’t be doing this exam”.
Then she typed “maybe God wants me to go back a year but maybe I could still have lunch & break with my form class Mr M lets them go down town” – going back a year is something that Leah has fought hard against since her diagnosis, but here she is trying to make the best of her situation – no keeping this girl down 

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