Everything we now do as a family will be bittersweet

Everything we now do as a family will be bittersweet


Yesterday I thought I would get some fresh air with my youngest and I contemplated going to Roe Valley Country Park – a local beauty spot that I have enjoyed visiting over the years.

I scanned my memories for any strong associations of that place with Leah but nothing major came to mind so I suggested it to my youngest and off we headed.

Well if she hadn’t been with me I would have got straight back in the car and come home. First thing I saw was an empty picnic bench.

I remembered a Sunday School excursion to the Country Park when Leah was a toddler. There was torrential rain so everyone ate their picnic in the bus. Everyone that is except Leah and me. Leah said that it wasn’t a picnic unless you sat at a picnic table. Leah insisted on sitting there in the rain in her red puddle suit, legs dangling, while she ate her picnic. We got soaked.

Yesterday the Country Park seemed filled with memories of Leah from previous visits over the years. Thankfully my youngest was happy to walk and not talk because I certainly wasn’t capable of conversing.

I’m new to this life of grief and loss and the fact that everything we now do as a family will be bittersweet.

It’s good to have happy memories though.

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