Hard to beat a good book!

Hard to beat a good book!

Reading was one of Leah’s favourite activities. No prizes for guessing which parent she inherited that trait from. I’ve often said that one of life’s greatest pleasures is being tucked up in bed with a good book.

As a child Leah must have read EVERY Enid Blyton book ever written. Most were passed on from my sisters’ children, others were bought by the bagful in secondhand shops or sourced online.

Obviously as Leah got older she grew beyond Enid Blyton and read a variety of different types of books.

In Leah’s last year her favourite book made into a film was To Save a Life. I’ve read the book and watched the film with her at least twice.

image image

For Christmas 2013 Leah asked for the sequel to this book – called Jake’s Choice. Here she is on Christmas Morning – she couldn’t wait to start reading it.


Leah was reading it on the way to the hospital on Friday 27th December also – unlike me she could read in a moving vehicle.


I remembered about it this morning, it has sat untouched since being brought back from the City Hospital after she died. A Christmas bookmark from a friend marks the last page that Leah read.


Maybe in the future I will manage to read this book too.

I came across this lovely song yesterday – I think that the words are very much in keeping with the message inherent in the book “To Save A Life”

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